MIEngineers is an established family-owned and highly respected independent consulting engineering firm specialising in infrastructure cost engineering. Formed in 1985, we have forged a reputation for tackling complex engineering challenges.

Headquartered in Sydney, with offices around Australia and some 30 qualified and experienced engineers and technicians on staff, we manage large and small civil and structural engineering projects, partnering with our clients to deliver vital infrastructure to communities in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Founding Director, Robert MacDonald, is world-renowned for cost estimating innovation and best practice. His passion for cost engineering infuses our business culture and underpins our business philosophy, which is best summed up as Design | Cost | Deliver.

MIEngineers delivers first quality end-to-end consulting services; from design, cost engineering and programming, through to risk management, contracts administration and training. We deliver our services through six practices:

Cost Estimating  |  Contracts  |  Programming  |  Risk  |  Design  |  Training

Our boutique size belies the breadth of our experience and our reputation in the market, particularly in the road and rail sectors, where we are uniquely positioned as a preferred and trusted adviser to the relevant authorities in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Over time and as client demands have evolved, our range of services has grown, as have the industry sectors and geographical markets in which we operate. Our international consulting business has grown from strength to strength, offering our clients a rare breadth and depth of knowledge and industry experience.

We are now embarking on the next phase of our business, expanding into the resources sector in Australia and exploring new export opportunities in South-East Asia. Our name reflects our growing stature in infrastructure markets and our great ambitions for the future.

From design to cost and delivery, MIEngineers combines technical excellence and creative thinking to add value to any consulting engineering project.

MIEngineers' Capability Statement

MIEngineers Mission Statement


The MacDonald Group

Benchmark Estimating Software

Formed in 1996 by Robert MacDonald as a separate business with its own management structure, Benchmark Estimating Software is a reliable, easy to use, powerful and cost-effective cost estimating system. This proprietary software is now the standard estimating system for numerous civil and government organisations in Australia and around the world.  For further information, visit

Benchmark Estimating UK 

With our estimating reputation growing among the world's leading road agencies, in 1996 we were invited by the Highways England to independently review their entire portfolio of major new road projects. This was so successful that the Highways England asked us to provide ongoing independent estimating services, and subsequently decided to purchase Benchmark Estimating Software as its main estimating tool. Benchmark Estimating UK was established in Manchester that same year. Today, the office employs around 10 highly qualified cost engineers, providing our clients with all their independent cost engineering, training and software needs.

Working closely with MIEngineers in Australia, we are able to offer high quality, efficient, 'follow-the-sun' services for clients around the world - a unique attribute for a small specialist business.
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