Gayathri Kesavan

Senior Associate | Senior Engineer

Gayathri has over 12 years experience in estimating and quantity surveying for road, bridge and building projects. She has worked as a cost controller for cost plus margin type contracts including measuring and developing Bills of Quantity.

Gayathri’s onsite experience as a cost engineer has allowed her to develop her knowledge of cost effective construction methodologies. Gayathri has prepared first principles estimates for multiple Roads Authorities such as RMS, Queensland Main Roads, Roads ACT, Main Roads Western Australia and the New Zealand Transport Agency.

In particular, Gayathri has worked extensively with RMS and the major Designers in the provision of estimating services and is a key member of the MIEngineers team on the RMS Infrastructure Project Cost Estimation Panel.

Gayathri has a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering and is a member of the Institute of Engineers Australia and the Australian Cost Engineering Society.