Bridgewater Caravan Park

Bridgewater, Victoria


The park had been destroyed by flood waters which necessitated a complete redevelopment of the land and all amenities to Council’s fixed budged. To facilitate this process, MIEngineers initially conducted:

  • an assessment of the existing market and the level of demand likely to be achieved.
  • a review of recognised stakeholder and government regulation requirements
  • a cost analysis to determine financial viability

Following this process, a concept design along with a construction cost estimate was presented to Council. After some minor changes, the plan was accepted and MIEngineers progressed the project to detailed design suitable for tendering.

The design components completed and managed by MIEngineers include:

  • preparation of the site layout to complement and enhance the natural landscape
  • roadways and related civil works, car parking, boat ramp, swimming pool, recreational area, amenities block, manager’s residence, BBQ facilities and landscaping
  • services such as water supply, internal sewerage system, surface and underground drainage, electrical, communications and gas.

Stage 1 of the project was completed on time and to budget for the spring and summer peak seasons.