Foxground to Berry Bypass

NSW South Coast


The Project

Design and construction of the Foxground and Berry Bypass comprising an approximate 12km length of dual carriageway (to upgrade the Princes Highway between Toolijooa Rd and Mullers Ln) including bridges, interchanges, local access roads and associated works.

Our Services

  • Review and reporting to RMS on the construction contractor’s initial program to determine its suitability and contractual compliance, and to determine actual or potential program related issues and claims.
  • Analysis of proposed staging to ensure that it is physically constructible and meets all documented milestones and constraints.
  • Ongoing monthly review and reporting to RMS on the contractor’s construction program to ensure it contains the latest status, reflects actual productivity and activities being undertaken or completed on site and that all future works are catered for.
  • Attendance at monthly project meetings and site visits where necessary.